On Losing Friends

Everybody in your life leaves you in the end. Some die but most of them don’t have to. When you stop seeing or hearing about them, they become “dead” to you. They cease to exist in your world and whenever you remember them, you remember them as those-who-were.

Like death, it all happens so suddenly. Your best friend can just as easily and just as quickly become nothing more than an acquaintance. And the funny part is, it doesn’t need a reason to happen. It just is and it’s always premature: leaving nothing but an onslaught of what-ifs that will never be resolved.

When you fight, it at least ends with a proper conclusion. But these abrupt endings always take place before the climax – before we know what we are to each other – before we can ever take our relationships any further. We kill it while it’s still healthy – before it ever shows signs of disease.

With this in mind, we can say that it probably ends for a good reason. Not because we fought but because if we continue, we will fight. By ending our friendship, we kill the virus before it spreads and diseases our pleasant memories. Maybe it’s best we say goodbye before our byes turn bad.

By Omar Jamal

Originally written May 16, 2018

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