There was a time when you promised me
that if one day we meet and never talk again,
you would slap me

What changed?

It seems that you no longer desire
to break the walls that you so happily,
and so easily swept away with your whirling winds.

You went from laughing while touching my thigh
to holding the laptop to your face
so that you don’t have to look into my eyes

I know that it hurts – I can feel it too

It’s so strange how in no more than two weeks,
nothing was the same.

I know it’s hard for us to ever speak again
but I want to thank you
Thank you for giving me the strength to love myself
Thank you for showing me that I am not hopeless
Thank you for the pain and the laughter and the happiness

You came into my life as a whirlwind
and even as the winds have calmed down,
I will always remember you

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