Whirlwind Part II – A Dying Storm

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Do you ever wonder how fleeting our emotions and passions are? How it’s so easy to just go on with your life?

The time away has obliterated everything I have ever felt for her. Now all I feel is simple indifference. Like, I don’t care if she passes by me or not – it’s as if she had never existed. It’s so strange how little everything matters – how quickly everything ends.

I’m back where I started. I feel empty again.

I have begun to lose all my worry about the things that used to keep me up at night. I’m no longer worried about tests or deadlines or presentations or jobs or whatever.

I’m numb to everything. It’s as if for the first time, I learned how to put a mute button on the world around me. I can no longer feel the pressure.

I have become the whirlwind, enclosed in my own personal playground of fog – except I’m alone there now. There’s no happiness, no sadness, no pain, no pressure, no committments – nothing, nada, zilch. Just a whirlwind…

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