The City That Doesn’t Like Strangers

Don’t expect to make many friends here if you didn’t grow up with us, go to the same schools as we did, or play in the same playgrounds that we did.

We’ll treat you nicely, we’ll serve you coffee and juice, we’ll feed you hummus and fateh, but let it be known that whatever we say behind your back, it’s not nice. We’re gonna make fun of every pause and stutter that leaves your mouth as you attempt to speak, we’re gonna mock the way you limp and wander as you walk, and laugh at all the blemishes that scar your visage.

If you’re slow, we’re not gonna try to get you up to speed. If you’re lonely, we’re not gonna try to make your company. If you’re sad, we’ll ask you to smile but don’t expect us to cheer you up and don’t for one second think that we actually care. We don’t take too kindly to strangers here and we’re not gonna try to make ourselves familiar with you.

No one is gonna call you when you’re alone, no one is gonna care if you never come out of your shell, no one is gonna ask why it’s been so long since we’ve last heard or seen from you.

Don’t go to the pub if you’re not bringing your friends with you, because we’re gonna make sure that you are aware and ashamed of every second that you are alone. We won’t say anything but you’ll know from our eyes that we don’t respect your solitude.

This is the city that you’ll never want to wake up in. Its streets, you’ll one day be accustomed to the point of nausea. But to its people, you’ll always be a stranger. No one here is gonna bother to learn your name.

The only time you’re ever happy is when you leave…

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