On Idleness


Life is sometimes about maximizing time wasters, packing your schedule with things to do – things to make you feel alive. The reason why we do this is because boredom is a painful thing: It feels like somebody stuck knives to the sides of your head like Frankenstein’s bolts.


We built civilization, created religion, and fought wars for the simple reason that we were bored.


Nowadays, with phones, computers, social media, television, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, etc… you can almost say that we eradicated the virus of boredom – but with it, We also eradicated the thing that drives us to be alive. We discouraged idleness because it’s painful and it’s only cure is achievement. So, we did not eradicate boredom: we just found the Xanax for it.


When my father said, “I don’t want to spend my life doing nothing but watching TV and going to cafés”, I almost cried because I understood the pain of being useless. I understood the pain of waking up and feeling like a waste of time, space, and oxygen.

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