what words can’t say

My words often flow from the
impulse of the synapse to the
movement of the tongue leaving
them subject to the whims of the wind
as the smoke dissipates into clear skies
with no clouds to mark their presence
and therefore no rain and no storm:
the steady tapping rhythm and the
thunderous clap of an epiphany
are nowhere to be seen… but
with you, it’s different

You see, there’s a method
to the deafening madness.
there’s a logic to chaos,
a science to the ever-
increasing entropy
of my being.

Your eyes often stare with a
purpose that only I can understand, a
movement that only I can trace
and I know the steps to our secret dance
as the twirl of your cornered lips reveals pearls
that only this fortunate traveler has uncovered.
I shall share my bounty with no one –
lest they rob your lips
of the magic that
makes them twirl so sweetly
it’s you, that they envy

You see, there’s a heaven
in our hell-bound souls.
there’s a joy to our sadness:
the tear brings with it
the pleasure of relief,
a burden lifted.