Making My Home Away From Home – Part I


There’s a certain kind of growth in going away from home for extended periods of time. At first, it’s weird and you have no idea how you’ll manage. You look at yourself and you wonder if you’re good enough but you’ll soon discover that the value of a human being is a quality not a quantity. You’ll make stupid mistakes and wait countless hours for a rejection. You’ll realize that good relationships are based on not what you can offer but what you are: it’s not a transaction – it’s an interaction.


The things that you should expect for your future is that you must be willing to adapt to any situation and I mean, any situation. Step into the lives of your less fortunate friends: the friends that luck made a mockery of. Let each other into your lives. Let yourself experience a life that is not ideal, a home that is not well-furnished, where the couches are made of cheap wood that miraculously hasn’t been broken yet and cushions that are as thin as a wafer. Drink water that is not as cold as you are accustomed and realize what it’s like when it’s your only choice. Get an idea that of how desperate you’ll one day become, so desperate that you will literally sleep anywhere: this is the experience of living alone.


I made a promise to myself and my mother that I will move out by 25. I half-jokingly remarked that I will jump off the balcony if I’m 25 and still living with my parents. I’m ready for everything: I have the patience, the determination, and the persistence. I refuse to fall victim to the idea that there are no opportunities. Even in a shitty country like Lebanon, where everything seems to be going into shit, there is a wealth of opportunities. Someone out there is desperate and you are the perfect fit.


Don’t complain, struggle in silence, and whoever is so fortunate as to find out the price you paid to be here they will respect you – or they won’t, but it really doesn’t matter because you know that you did your best.

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