I took a pill today

I took a pill today
to scare the scare away
so I don’t have to hide away
and stay (behind

translucent curtains
nothing is certain)

You can find a facsimile of me
twitching in the dark,
contorting towards the light,
breaking bread and drinking wine
with the darkest of my shadows

I took a pill today.
I don’t know what to say
but this…

I’m out of words.

I don’t know if you’ve heard
the bell that tolls.
For me, it tolls.

In one hand, I carry the weight,
the crushing weight
of who I must be.

In the other, I carry the light
and frivolous: a feather
for my two-dollar wings
and a bulb for my penniless thoughts.

I took a pill today
and threw that weight away

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon (Unsplash)

Instagram: @mccutcheon

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