Boxed Cage Waltz

Your neck smells like the color of your fingernails,
the soft pink rose of flesh encased in a cylindrical perfume glass.
You done them French haven’t you?
Un Homme et une Femme,
Two humans in a boxed cage with wheels
find each other beneath raindrops on a windshield.
The wipers wipe away fear and the usual anxieties
as my lips touch yours as my mind counts the seconds
to slow the passage of time as the music plays a slow
and steady rhythm…

I just want to kiss you fully
with no regard for the syntax of things
I just want touch you intently
with no sense of time or space or gravity or any force
that acts upon the universe.
I just want our tongues to dance
to the rhythm of raindrops and a screen of vapor
to conceal the windows to our beautiful deed

The wheels of time’s passage move slowly to our separate ways
but separate ways I don’t see, all I see is seconds of solitude before we meet again,
before we touch again,
before we kiss again…

Photo by Craig Whitehead (Unsplash)

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