Fallen Angels

It’s you again!
I can see that your wings haven’t grown back yet.

How does it feel when
roses are blue,
violets are red,
and nothing is new?
All angels eventually lose sight of heaven
when it’s time to go behind the desk:
“Is that your name, sir?”
“Welcome to hell, it’s on the door to your right”
All demons eventually grow to love the heat of hell
when it’s time for dip in the sulfur pool:
“Is it warm in here?”
“Yes. It’s pretty hot”
“Sounds like an awesome time for a dive”

It’s me again!
As you can see, I never had wings

How does it feel when
you’re born damned,
become blessed,
and find your own paradise?
Everyone eventually finds a reason to stay alive:
“I’m always one step away from suicide”
“Do you wanna talk?”
“Nah. I haven’t even put on my shoes”
Those who don’t are too dead to regret it:
“When I saw him. lying on the ground…”
“What did he do?”
“He smiled at me”

Who’re these for?
I keep finding these disembodied wings.

How does it feel when
angels keep falling
from the sky
and onto oncoming traffic?
God has a sense of humor:
“Hey! Watch this!” pulls a feather
“Wait what’s going oooooooooo…”
Crash “I never liked Hummers anyway”
The devil, on the other hand, is George Carlin
“If you exist, why don’t you strike me down with lightning?”
“Last time I was that petty, I flooded the earth”
“You’ve grown pretty soft haven’t you?”