A Sea of Wine

A glass was broken
the pieces scattered
all over the concrete
every piece
its own outline

A blood-red liquid
flooded the concrete
while ships of glass
sailed across the
intoxicating sea

“You can never hold
the same piece
of glass twice”
said a drunk Heraclitus
as he picked up the pieces
of his wine glass.

Satyrs wear their masks
and make light of the
night sky’s solemn stare
as the Siren seduces
the Odysseus that just
dropped his drink
on the floor,
crying to the
song of a bard
playing a lobotomized
cover of Little Wing.

After only
two glasses,
everyone at the party becomes Icarus,
they think
they’re flying
towards the sun
but they end up
plummeting into
a sea of shit and piss
in the bathroom
of a local bar.

Photo by Roberta Sorge

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