One Breath

In one breath, an entire nation screams in celebration of a new era. An era where the corrupt choose their words and make their moves to extinguish the rage within us. Too little too late. The people have spoken. Leave your chairs if there is a shred of dignity inside you. Leave your podiums if there is an inkling of truth in your words. Leave your belongings and pack your bags because you are no longer welcome here. There are no open arms to receive you.

In one breath, an entire nation screams in agony over your avarice, your greed, and your need for blood and martyrdom. There is no more blood to suck. You have denied us our past, present, and future. There is nothing for us to lose now except the chains with which you hold us.

In one breath, an entire nation screams for your downfall. Leave now while we’re still patient or we will take you down by the sheer force of our numbers. Too many have died in your name but many more are willing to die for your deposition. Leave while we are still peaceful. Leave while our hands haven’t forced themselves against your chins.